Localities in Gwalior

Gwalior is a big town and is one of the biggest and busiest cities in Madhya Pradesh. The city bustling with tourists destination is also an economic hub in Central India. The busy yet beautiful city has everything to attract its visitors. Well planned and laid out structure adds to the beauty of this region. With the growth of the city many new locations and areas have been added.

Localities in Gwalior

Some of the famous localities and residential areas in Gwalior are listed below

The Old Town

The old town of Gwalior has some of the oldest area of Gwalior due to which it is highly congested . Town called Ghauspura is named after Mohamed Ghaus. The largest area of this old town is Hazira, which is one of the biggest markets of Gwalior.

Here lies the tomb of Sufi Saint Khawaja Khanoon and Mia Tansen. Another area of this town is Ghas Mandi it is about 700 year old village and its population used to sell grass to feed animals to the King and rich people of the city.

The next important area of this place is Kashi Naresh ki Gali- named after Kashi Naresh who was defeated in battle and sent to exile in this area along with his family. The descendent of Kashi Naresh still live in this area called Rajaji ka Bada. This whole area though very congested is historically very important. Gwalior fort can also be seen from the old town. This town also has a museum that is situated in Gujari Mahal.


Lashkar is a Persian word that means camp or army. The region was known after the Lashkar was the army camp of Scindia dynasty. From 1950-1956, Lashkar was the capital of Madhya Bharat. The main attraction in Lashkar is Jayaji Chowk, which has a former Opera House, Coffee and Tea stalls, a large square and a Municipal building. Bazaars surround Jayaji Chowk and also many jewelers are situated here.


It is believed that Thatipur has got its name from State Army Unit 34 which had once stayed here. Gandhi road is divided by Gandhi Road into two parts. Balwant Nagar on one side and the famous Morar on the other, you will read about Morar below in the page.

The main attractions here in Thatipur are Darpan Colony, Suresh Nagar, Vivek Nagar and the government blocks. Other places of note in Thatipur are Saraswti Chowk, Gayatri Vihar, Govindpuri, Shakti Vihar etc. The Sai Baba Temple along with Mayur Market is highly famous.


Morar lies 5 kilometres away from the old city. It was formerly a separate town and was formerly a British military headquarters. Much of Morar’s area is still rural, that is why it is called the green part of Gwalior city. Morar is the exact place where the 1858 revolution took place; the revolution was led by Rani Lakshmibai, Rao Sahib and Tatya Tope.

The second Sun Temple of India (first being the Sun Konark Temple) is situated in Residency Road of Morar. The Indian Army contains many official residencies in the headquarters of British Army (which has been mentioned before). It also has many military canteens, for military personnel. Some schools also are situated nearby. There is also an Air Force Base situated in the Pinto Park area.

Gola ka Mandir

Gola ka Mandir is a very important part of Gwalior. The Gola ka Mandir circle connects Gwalior to many National Highways, in other words, Gola ka Mandir connects India to this city. This place is also called Airport Road by many people.

Pandit Deen Dayal Nagar

This place is situated 2kilometres away from Gwalior Airport at Bhind Road. This is a nicely planned area, by the MP Housing Board. There are different types of houses here, namely, LIG, MIG and HIG. This locality is situated south of the Airport and there are also many universities and educational institutes nearby.

As said before, Gwalior has been a very famous and highly important city since ancient times. So there are many spots to visit . Many famous personalities belonged to this region. Today Gwalior stands an an epitome of developed region in Central India and the state of Madhya Pradesh. You can visit the famous city to know more about this region of Madhya Pradesh .

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