Gwalior City Guide

Gwalior, historical city of Madhya Pradesh is far famed for its glorious past, historical monuments and memorials. Being one of the major business hubs in Central India, Gwalior is a must visit destination during vacations. The city of Gwalior is one of the top tourist destinations in India and attracts numbers of visitors a cross theworld. Known for its heritage and vibrant culture, this city is famous for its cultural activities like Tansen Samaroh, and Udbhav Utsav. Gwalior has been under rule of different emperors and royaldynasties and impact of royal elegance is clearly visible in every part of the city. Gwalior fort is fine example of unique architecture and is a marvel of royalty in the region.From urban infrastructural developments to helthcare, it is fast catching up with many metro cities of India.Come and explore Gwalior with GwalioronlineCity-Guide!

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