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Sports in Gwalior

Sports and Games helps bring relaxation, fitness and entertainment to both those people who watch it as well as people you participate in the sports. This makes is and important activity practiced by all cultures of the world with each one developing their own sports.

Each nation has its own sports but within nations you also find that the local tribes and regions also develop their own sports over time. Sports and games also play and important role towards reducing tensions between countries and wearing factions making it and important part of every society.

Gwalior famous sporting events

Large number of games has been introduced in Gwalior over the centuries of colonization by its erstwhile rulers. Gwalior has also produced some important sports personalities over the years.

Wrestling continues to be one of the most popular game in the region enjoyed by all age groups. Apart from Wrestling others like Cricket, Football and others are also enjoyed by the local residents of the region. Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education is located in Gwalior.

Wrestling in Gwalior

Wrestling is one of the popular sports in Gwalior. Today you can find many wresting arenas in Gwalior where the wrestlers fondly called Pelwans will congregate and wrest their arms in friendly matches as a form of entertainment.

With the modernization of India and Gwalior as a city the number of wrestlers has greatly reduced as more people adapt modern ways of life and are moving to keep their bodies fit at gyms. But despite these fact Wrestling continues to dominate the urban and rural taste of the region.

Cricket in Gwalior

Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior

Gwalior has a fully-fledged cricket stadium where local teams meet to play matches. The Roop Singh Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in Gwalior and is used to play most important cricket matches held at the city. This ground is famous for hosting the ODI between India and South Africa in which Sachin Tendulkar scored a double century.

Gwalior Royal Cricket Club is famous sporting club in the region and participates in all major tournaments. Cricket teams come from across the state as well as nation to play friendly games thus making use of the stadium. Besides the main stadium there are also several other grounds used for playing local tournaments.

Roop Singh Stadium
Address: Raksha Vihar, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474002
Phone: 082 85 158374

Hockey in Gwalior

Famous Sports of GwaliorAnother important sport played in Gwalior is hockey and the Gwalior Railway Hockey Stadium has contributed immensely towards boosting the development of hockey in the city. All time Wizard of Hockey Major Dhyan Chand was a famous hockey player from Gwalior.

Over the years there has been lots of progress with hockey due to the availability of the resources and playing field but at the same time it is also important to consider the contributions of the trainers and people linked to hockey towards promoting the sport.

Railway Hockey Stadium
Address: Defence Colony, Gandhinagar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474002

Women's Hockey Stadium
Address: Vakil Colony, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh 474001

Kabaddi in Gwalior

Kabaddi is another important sport which is popular in Gwalior . This sport is a form of wresting but is played in a large field where by the players are supposed to enter the opponents territory and attempt to return to their ground without being entrapped on enemy ground.

The sport was developed with the sole purpose of building each person endurance and agileness thus allowing them to get out of situations involving people attempting to grab them. For this reason you will find Kabadi players smother themselves in oil so as to make them slippery and more difficult to catch.

Today this is an internationally recognized sport and requires persons to be nimble and strong so as to escape the clutches of the enemy or opposing team. This is not a sport for the feeble hearted and requires a person to be prepared to get hurt and feel pain while playing the game but the game also helps building you endurance and strength.

Kite Flying in Gwalior

Flying kite is a sport which continues to be practiced after thousands of years in many parts of India and the sport or game is actually linked to bringing out people during the winter months when the westerly winds are moderate and perfect for kits to be flown. The kit flying season begins in December and continues will February when the winds and temperature are still tolerable.

Although the game is very exciting there is a hidden season many people have forgotten linked to the reason behind flying of kits is so important in most parts or northern India. Many link it to the harvest season but the real reason for the kit flying frenzy is to bring out people in to the winter sun allowing them to soak the suns heat during the winter months rather than sit indoors. This aspect of promoting health during the winter season is today rarely heard of as people associate the kit flying season to the winter harvest.

Archery in Gwalior

Gwalior is also proud to have a long and famous history linked to archery which has been practiced for centuries as a form of defense and protection during times of war. Once again this is a dying sport practiced by few and in restricted locations due to security issues.

Gwalior today has a handful of the older people who practiced and perfected archery which are the last of a long line of archery experts from the city. There are plans to bring back the sport with modern twist which could see state, national and international events being held in city in the future.

Popular sports in Gwalior

Gwalior continues to see many younger people interested in joining certain sports Gwalior may not be very famous for its sports personalities but with the local authorities placing lots of emphasis on the promotion of all sports and inclusion of youngsters to new sports the future is destined to see several sport personalities from Gwalior.

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