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Gwalior Emergency and Helpline Informations and adresses

Emergencies can occur at any given time and it’s important to make sure you have the required information inked to the facilities you can consult after and emergency. Since the emergencies can range from injuries to reporting of thefts there are several different numbers for each concerned department which require being stored?


This important for other the residents as well as people visiting the city on holiday and business as you simply can’t judge when you may need to consult the emergency services.

When the term emergency pops up it’s common to find people first thinking of and accident or sudden health problems like Heart failure but there many other medical conditions which require the person to prepare well in advance of travelling.

This is because while travelling you can make a list of the medical facilities available on the journey thus allowing you to know exactly where to visit in case you have and emergency.

The biggest secret linked to managing an emergency in the correct manner is planning well in advance to ensure you are prepared for any eventuality both while at home or while travelling. To help you pre-plan and be prepared for emergences the following factors must take in to consideration thus allowing you to organise and be prepared for any kind of emergency.

 Identification of potential emergencies

To be prepared for and emergency in the correct manner you first need to identify the kind of emergencies you may encounter. For many people this come in the context of having accident, injury or falling ill while travelling but there also several other kinds emergencies which can occur which were already known of and can be prepared for.

Allergies like Asthma, breathing problems and several other medical conditions require the patient to also have some emergency medication in hand to relieve pain the condition before the arrival of emergency personnel. This also call for the person to make a list of emergency facilities which specialize with the condition thus allowing them to pin point exactly where they would like to receive treatment.

Building a road map of emergency facilities

With the potential emergencies listed you can then move ahead to make a road map of the emergency facilities available across the city thus allowing you to quickly identify the closest or most suitable one at a glance.

Developing the road map plays an important role towards relieving the confusion a person or group face after experiencing and emergency since in most situation urgency is a major concern. With the road map you are able to get proper emergency facilities quickly which is the main focus and need of any person experiencing distress.

Preparation before travelling

For people that may be travelling to or around Gwalior it’s also important to make a list of all emergency service provides on the route you intend to travel. Some like ambulance services will be available across the city and services by the same emergency numbers but when considering longer distances its worthwhile to note down the emergency numbers for service providers along the route you intend to travel.

In many cases you find clear signs posted on the side of roads and highways which mention ambulance and police numbers. It’s very important to not these numbers down as you travel as that may change as you travel and having up to date information is vital at all times.

Informing people around you

It’s also very important to make sure you inform people around you regarding you medical condition if any since it can help you in case you fall ill or unconscious.

This is especially important when travelling by public transport over long distances as there may not be emergency facilities en-route. on certain transport modes like the railways and on airlines informing the staff will can help then book you seat close to medical personnel that are also travelling ensuring you get the first aid you need in case of a medical emergency while en-route.

Important Emergency facilities their numbers and addresses

Gwalior Police
Gwalior has 3 main police stations located on the East, West and South Sections of Gwalior but at the same time the city also has several other police stations and posts which you can visit.

Gwalior Police Stations

Helpline Numbers
  •     Senior Citizen  – 1253
  •     Traffic Helpline – 1073
  •     Women Helpline – 1091
  •     We care for you – 7049112018
  •     Control Room – 100, 0751-2445222, 0751-2445333
  •     Mail Ids: ssp_gwalior@mppolice.gov.in & spgwalior.itcell@gmail.com
Antri Police Station, Antri
Gwalior, Antri
07525 272226

Aron Police Station, Aron
Gwalior, Aron
07526 280075

Bahodapur Police Station, Bahodapur
Gwalior, Bahodapur
07525 2445236

Behat Police Station, Behat
Gwalior, Behat
07525 2561226

Belgarha Police Station, Belgarha
Gwalior, Belgarha
07525 280247

Bhanwarpura Police Station, Bhanwarpura
Gwalior, Bhanwarpura
07526 280100

Bhitarwar Police Station, Bhitarwar
Gwalior, Bhitarwar
07525 287247

Bijoli Police Station, Bijoli
Gwalior, Bijoli
07525 2566255

Bilauva Police Station, Bilauva
Gwalior, Bilauva
07524 270226

Chinor Police Station, Chinor
Gwalior, Chinor
07525 284144

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